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weatherSCAPE, created March - June, displayed June - October 2016


weatherSCAPE’s inspiration came from the artistic ventures of the artists in the 1960s who worked with inflatables and free form events, who broke barriers in terms of art being inclusive, including people and communities.


Redstart Arts have responded to the environment of the Lounge in Deptford, they discovered the Atrium space at the back of the building and got excited by its height and drama with a wish to explore this space to its fullest potential creating floating free forms derived out of our discussions and observations of our local dramatic weather.


The work evolved from experimentation with materials, techniques and processes, allowing freedom of expression and transformation. The result is floating atmospheric sculptural forms allowing each individual Redstart the freedom of expression and making them selves known within the collaborative process.

weatherSCAPE was funded by Arts Council England and supported by the Deptford Lounge.

Collaborating Artists: Chris Marshall and Cash Aspeek

Documentation: Sinead Kempley

A special thank you to all our wonderful volunteers: Amulya Bhat, Carolina Gianina Huerto, Diyala Al Souob, Falcon Page, Suz Johnston, Wendy Boorer, David Bloor, Samuel Stokes, Roman Aspeek Bloor, Hannah Trickett, Ellie Rogers and Nicola Cook.


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