Lockdown Project

The ‘Doorstep Project’, which is supported through funding from Arts Council England, is aptly named. I (Cash), deliver art packs to each of the ‘Redstarts, and chat to them at a safe distance on the doorstep. We have encouraged family members to join in with the project. We have gained some new families to the group, which is really exciting.

The project looks at how animals have their own methods of protecting themselves – their own PPE (personal protective equipment) - just as we have had to work out ways to keep ourselves safe during this time. Each art pack is designed and put together in collaboration with the Horniman Museum and contains images from the Horniman collection, as well as a range of exciting materials to experiment with.

The project has been described as ‘a lifeline’ by Redstarts and their families as they have worked together on each pack, helping them to connect with each other and the wider world.

Sharon, one of the parents said,

“The experience of working on targeted sessions with my daughter Danielle has been great! We usually work on a Sunday, sitting next to each other at the dining room table. I find that these times are therapeutic for both of us in that we are both calm, peaceful and focussed. I sit with Danielle on numerous occasions supporting her in various activities, but the fact that I too am participating here seems to create a "oneness" which is lovely”

Look out for the final artwork, which will be proudly displayed at the Horniman, as well as in the window of Sainsbury’s on London Road in Forest Hill.

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