Sainsbury's Forrest Hill to the Royal Academy of Arts

Sainsbury's window night shot. The Net Curtain is a bit too long for this window but the back light makes it worth the adjustment.

We were invited by Mali Morris, Royal Academician, to enter the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2021. As the Net Curtain is eight metres wide she suggested that we make a plan to reduce its width as a way to stand more of a chance of getting it in. The Summer Exhibition has over 1,000 works in it and over 1,600 entries from the general public.

This shower curtain arrangement was the plan. As you can see from the image below, the RA didn't use the shower curtain frame and hung it in a corner instead. We are very happy with this result.

Net Curtain now at the Royal Academy of Arts, Summer Exhibition 2021 invited by Mali Morris RA ( second from right) here with me Cash ( far left ) and Joan, Jane and Karen ( left to right) who are some of the embroiderers lucky enough to be part of Varnishing Day at the Exhibition.

Varnishing Day is traditionally when all the Artists visit the Exhibition once it has been hung, and before is opens to the public to varnish their paintings or add finishing touches.

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